Join the LancLiving Team

We’re looking for agents that value honesty and integrity in all their dealings, both personally and professionally.

If you’re the kind of agent who prefers …

  • Autonomy (the ability to do their own work at home or out in your community);
  • Specializing in an area of expertise, whether that be veterans, first time home buyers, or focusing on a geographic area;
  • A solid commission structure that benefits you and not just your brokerage;
  • No desk fees that bog down your monthly budget;
  • The support of a progressive broker who provides support for your business goals,

…then LancLiving may be a great place for you.

Here at LancLiving, we are building a “no drama” environment for agents who treat their colleagues with respect, and work hard for their client’s best interest.

If your goal is to foster solid business relationships with your clients, and to be viewed as a well-intentioned, honest, and knowledgeable real estate professional, then consider joining LancLiving Real Estate & Property Management. But, if your goal is to make as much money off your clients as possible without any regard for retaining their future business, then LancLiving is not the place for you.

We also aim to redefine how property management is done. We aim to treat renters as neighbors. That means we will never work with slumlords, and will cooperate with property owners to maintain their properties to a high standard of care.

Here is our Commission and Fee Structure: 

  • For professional agents there is an 80/20 split with the agent earning 80% of the commission;
  • After the agent sells $3 million in real estate over the course of the calendar year (January to December), the commission split will be 90/10;
  • After the agent sells $4 million in real estate over the course of the calendar year, the commission shall be 100%.
  • For agents new to real estate, who will require training and mentorship, for seven transactions, the commission will be shared with 70/30, with a $300 premium per transaction to the agent’s assigned mentor. After seven transactions agents graduate to an 80/20 split.
  • There will be a $195 flat transaction fee or Broker’s Service Fee on all transactions.

If our approach to real estate sounds like yours, we’d like to meet with you and talk about the future. For more information and to set up a time to talk, contact LancLiving’s broker, John Spidaliere, at 717-425-9892 or email to