Here is a link to the Pennsylvania ConsumerNotice, which we are required by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission to provide to you at the first substantive discussion.

Disclosure of Financial Interest

Neither LancLiving Realty nor its owners have any financial interest in any service or product that we recommend to you. We don’t own title companies, mortgage companies, insurance agencies or any other “affiliated” businesses. Any service providers we do recommend are chosen based on quality, price and responsiveness. Nobody pays us to be a “preferred” vendor.

Privacy Policy

We believe your privacy is yours, as is your data, and it remains confidential regardless of your business relationship with us. Our policy is not to disclose any of your personal information to anyone except the service providers you have selected as part of your home buying/selling transaction, and then only as part of your transaction. We don’t disclose your information to “affiliated businesses”; we think “affiliated businesses” is code for “anyone who will pay us for your information”. We aren’t a franchise where the corporate office hoovers up your data as part of their “integrated management system”.

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