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Renting VS Buying

In just three years, buying a home in Lancaster becomes cheaper than renting.

Whether to buy property or continue renting is a question many of us have faced or will face in the next few years. A lot of my friends struggle with wanting to buy but think that the initial investment is cost prohibitive.

The truth is that when you rent, you are helping someone else build a future, build equity in their property, and benefit from your hard earned money.

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Taxes: One more good reason to buy

Tax season is here!

The Internal Revenue Service has a rep for being grumpy with people, but there is one group that the IRS loves.

Home owners.

There are considerable financial benefits to owning a home. Instead of your money going into your landlord’s bank account, when you own property you are making an investment into your future.

As a homeowner, you can enjoy certain tax benefits renters don’t have access to.

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Seller’s Market: Take a Look at Your Home

Welcome to a seller’s market.

What is a seller’s market? It’s when demand is high for properties, but the supply is limited. In other words, there are plenty of buyers out there, but not enough homes to go around.

That makes it a great time to sell your home.

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Do right by my clients and be honest

I make my living connecting people who want to sell their home to people that want to buy it.

As a Realtor, I follow a simple code: Do right by my clients, and be honest in my dealings.

It’s good business.

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