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When planning to sell your home, the most important advice I offer as your Realtor is to declutter.

It is difficult for most potential buyers to visualize your home as their home. Keeping the house you are selling filled with your stuff, your pictures and your personal items, just makes it more difficult.

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Going Green

Greening your space is not as difficult or expensive as it used to be. It simply takes willingness and a bit of planning.

According to a recent real estate industry analysis, houses gone green sold for 22 percent more per square foot and spent 12 percent less time on the market.

Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that utilizes sustainable technologies like ENERGY STAR appliances and windows, and low flow faucets and toilets.

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Six (Avoidable) Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

Often unrealistic or overly critical, first-time home buyers can be trying to work with.

I’m sorry to say that. I enjoy the enthusiasm of many first-time home buyers as they prepare to make one of the most important financial decision of their lives. Their excitement can be contagious and their reliance on me as their agent to guide them through the process feels good.

Yet, too often, first-time home buyers can be unprepared, too emotional, and overly nit-picky. Lately, I have been hearing buyers talk about DIY television programs that make home buying look effortless. Everything on those shows wraps up nice and tidy in a half hour, giving viewers false expectation.

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Invest in City Property

Lancaster County is growing fast and smart investors know where to put their money.

Single family homes in the city are becoming one of the hottest commodities in the county  real estate market.

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Renting VS Buying

In just three years, buying a home in Lancaster becomes cheaper than renting.

Whether to buy property or continue renting is a question many of us have faced or will face in the next few years. A lot of my friends struggle with wanting to buy but think that the initial investment is cost prohibitive.

The truth is that when you rent, you are helping someone else build a future, build equity in their property, and benefit from your hard earned money.

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